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Like tantra manatra mohoni is also a magical mohini we Knowing one's mind. In English we know it with the name of Hypnotize. Meaning of hypnotize is sleep with the open eyes or also the sleep of hypnotize. It is also known as mantra sleep. In Indians language it is also known as yoganindra. It is the position of aatm smmohan. Self artificial sleep that helps the seeker falls asleep. In this stage the person only follow the master’s order. For this the Mohini vashikaran the mantra, tantra or yantara are use. Some of these mantras are ,“Om namoh bhasakraya trilokamane ‘amuk’ mahipati me vasyan kuru kuru svahan”. At good at good time after rising sun facing toward the north with the help of Coral beads


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Start the chanting of this mantra continually. Regular 31 days 3 times of using Coral beads chanting this mantra. After this spellbound 21 times anything of the vashikaran tantra and use it on the person on whom you want to hypnotize. On the place of ‘amuk’ the name of perso whom you want to hiypnotize is use. After complet mantra the person will be hypnotized. In this way you can know about the person who is sitting in front you. Without getting the knowledge of her or him

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Mohini Vashikaran Mantra

Mohini is use to learn the mind of person who sitting front to you. Hypnotism is you can use in your life to habituating someone to follow your all orders. Much time you feel Unrest and fears. There seems to be little danger of an accident. After this you hear this news in realty. It was exactly the same message through the waves come offer you but you could not understand. The idea of taking to the waves the mohini vidhya is used. If the child refuses the I C impediment, brother to brother estrangement etc any type of problem is invented or created than you can take help of mohini vidyah. Using mohini vidya u can get the success in your life. Some specialist can tell you, you’re lucky number by which you can get success in any place use of that no. you can use that number in any lottery that was definitely lucky for you. This number you get from Lucky lottery number specialist. This is the one way you get success. Mohini vidhya through totke,’ found in pomegranate and white Gugchi powder Tilak putting the whole world can be captivated’. Now you can use mohini vidya on any one.

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