Black magic for love in India

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दीपावली को करे उपाय होगा आपका जीवन सफल


इस बार दीपावली 30 अक्टूबर दिन रविवार को है| दीपावली मतलब लक्ष्मी पूजन| इस दिन लक्ष्मी माँ की कृपा पाने का बहुत अच्छा अवसर है| दीपावली के दिन दान पुण्य करना चाहिए| गरीबो की मदद करनी चाहिए| क्योंकि इस दिन किये गए दान और पुण्य का कई गुना फायदा मिलता है।
दीपावली के दिन कुछ ना कुछ उपाय जरूर करना चाहिए ताकि माँ लक्ष्मी हमेशा आपके निवास स्थान में रहे और आप पर माँ की कृपा बनी रहे| आज हम आपको कुछ ऐसे उपाय बताने जा रहे है जो आपकी धन संबंधी समस्याओ का समाधान करेगे….Read More

Black magic removal

We know about the ‘baglamukhi sadhna’ it uses in black magic removal .you can remove it by the following all these steps . It is written by the seeker to his Black magic expert. The guru gives order to seeker that he learns about ‘baglamukhi sadhan’ and in those days after completely captures it in my mind. I was decided that I complete this training to live in your hose. But your order is that I will complete it to go back to my home and complete it at my own house. Your order is superior work for me. That is why I go back to home after taking your bless. After it I decided to complete it. You told me that you start it on the chturdashi of the krishanpaksh of any month. At last I start it on krishan chadurdashi of magh. There is some feeling in regarding to it. I may request your stages. Before starting Ritual and practice I did one room empty, I have only three rooms in my house. I was shifted all the things of that room in left two rooms and pain that room with yellow color. Roof or flower of that room is also painted yellow or door is cover with yellow curtain. You told me that at 10 of the night it will be started or till 5 of the morning it will completed. Before it the bath is taking with the water of the well. That type of water i take with me at home. After it I use clean Urn. I use yellow dhoti or yellow cloth for upper part of the body. After this siddi people call me the black magic specialist in india.

Benefits of Black Magic Removal

We all knew that black magic is only use for bad purpose but this is not true black magic can also be use for good deeds. If you heard proverb “Diamond Cuts Diamond” then you will get my point easily. To remove bad things we also need to use bad things so same case is in black magic.

Why we need to use black magic? It’s simple answer is to leave a peaceful life. If someone done black magic on you then you can be ill every time or your business and job can be down or your home environment can be disturbed or all family members can arguments on silly things and shout on each other or your children’s study can be dropped due to money or your children are not in your under control or you feel someone is near about you every time or you see someone but suddenly it disappear. These are the few main reasons of using of black magic but there are few more.

Black magic must use by witchcraft vashikaran specialist who knows each and every thing of black magic. Black magic must be done by that person who have experience of this and have knowledge of black magic. You don’t worry Rudra Baba – Love Samrat is the best vashikaran specialist. He has several years of experience in black magic and vashikaran. Rudra baba easily can easily do #black_magic_removal by using his experience of this.

1.Health Problems will be remove or vanished

2.You will feel lighter and feel relax

3.Home environment will be positive and no problems in family members

4.Marriage problems will be solved

5.Love problems will be solved

6.Child Study problems solved

7.Husband wife problems solved


Black magic expert

The black magic expert have deep information about each and every thing in his expertise field. According to Black magic specialist in india Which Posture is used by me, that is also of the yellow color. Before Posture before lying a plank of wood was placed. With the help of rice which are colored in yellow I make a baglamukhi yantra and frame it. You told me without wearing cloth I have to take bath. After tha taking bath I wear dhoti or another cloth is use to cover the uper part of the body. After this I sin on the posture. I was fasing toward the south. On the plank of the wood I put the deepak of yellow color, ghee of caw and cotton. After it I Lamp lit it or put this lamp lit into the center of the baglamukhi yantra. I put yellow flower in between the yantra or picture. I divided sulfur into seven parts. On the peak of every part of sulfur I put two-two Cloves. In yellow urn fill the yellow water put it on the plank of wood.i sit on the posture after it I take water and flower of kaner or I the Resolution that every Trial on me are finished. In all these trial I am the winner. The mythology dominated by enemies. All these Resolution I use mantra
‘om asya; shribramhasatr-vidhya-bagla mukhya naradh rishe nam; shirsi. Tristhup shandasi namoh mukhe. Shribaglamukhi devtaye namo hride. Hi bijaye nmoh gumho. Shakteye nam; padhyo. Om kilkay nam; svarg. Shribuglamukhi devta prsad sidhyaarth jaye vini yog. Black magic expert also know how to get back lost love, ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend

How to get back lost love

Black magic for love

Black magic for love is also a part of black magic. By the help of it we can make anyone to Crazy about Love with you or that person can following down in your love. You are love someone who don’t give you value. You want him in your life. For this do these steps close your eyes focused on the picture of God baglamukhi. After it eyes focused on the buglamukhi yantra. Use dried turmeric mala. Use 108 Pieces of turmeric. After it spell this mantra: – om him baglamukhi svvar dhustana vachmukh stambhya jihma kilya kilam budhinashya him om svahan. It do regularly or drink only in the morning. Regularly do it till thirteen days. In these thirteen days no work or any other wok regading to home or job will not do. If any type of bad feeling you observe, ignore it. Many thing will be happened even which you cannot imagine. But don’t forget god is always with you to save your life. These all things are happened in realty. Only focus on the pitcher of devi baglamukhi or repeat the mantra. Before trying this it is compulsory that you have a complete mature. After completing thirteen days your every wish will be completed. Black magic also use as vashikaran for love #Black_magic_for_love is more effective in any love problem. We can say that you can get your love back with using black magic for love.