Relationship’s best live example is husband wife relationship. If you want to learn, how to love then learn from married couple. Observe and each and every tiny things which they do and apply those tiny things in your own relationship. Well, it is true that married couple have more love than others but a coin ‘s second phase is also present at same time . I mean there are also few relationship problems in couples i.e. husband wife relationship.  Your relationship depends upon many things.  Our Love Problem Specialist – Rudra Baba will tell you about few tips improving husband wife relationship.

relationship advice for women

  • Always listen carefully to your spouse. Sometime we take our spouse words granted because we are in relationship for long time so it will be not bother to your spouse, but it is not true. If your spouse is saying that your these words are problem me then don’t use those words Instead of repeating those words ask your spouse what happened? Any problem? Listen calmly and carefully each and every word of your spouse. If your spouse is in problem or your spouse telling you about problem take it seriously. Try to  figure out the problem and find the solutions either alone or together.


  • Respect your spouse needs and try to fulfil those needs.  If your spouse is telling you what she or he wants from relationship then you should put efforts to make it happen or discuss together to find a alternate way.


  • Always spend a quality time with your spouse. This is must in every relationship. Quality time means that time which are only reserve for your spouse without any other disturbance. No phone rings, no business calls, no anything which you distract from your spouse. Sit together alone, listen each other and watch each other. Enjoy company of each other. Do it at least once a time for 30 to 60 minutes.


  • Be open and honest with your spouse. Honesty is the back bone of any relationship. Never lie to your spouse. Even a small lie can ruin your good relationship. Share your dreams and plans with your spouse. This way you will build a strong trust and affection. Vashikaran for love – Love Samrat – +91-98721-72729


  • Make habit of compromise not of winning arguments. Don’t argue on silly issues and these small argues create big problem and sometime results in separation. So don’t too much argue.


  • Never ever yell to your partner. Yelling will make relationship more complicated.


  • Change your daily routine. Make and eat together. Go for dinner once a month for a change. Plan romantic vacation.


  • Don’t stop flirting with each other as you did when you were dating.



  • Always say thanks to your spouse whenever he or she does something for you.  Appreciate every time for little works.

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