Everyone wants a partner to whom he or she can love, share everything with her or him. You always need such a good partner means life partner either you are a man or woman it doesn’t matter because everyone have love feelings and love feelings don’t know about gender.

relationship advice for women
relationship tips for women

It is very easy to fall in love with someone, but staying long term is too tough. Sometime you feel that your partner have not interest in me or not caring me or he or she is not a person to whom I loved balla! balla! balla! balla! I will not discuss the problems of couples, but today I will tell you few tips or advice for your love and relationship especially to women. Oh.. Women!!! Now you will think tips for women!! Why they need tips because women can never create these kinds of problems but men always do. But my friend, it’s not true. Only a man can never blame for every wrong thing or move in a love relationship.

So ladies, these love and relationship advice and tips for you. Because why only a man change for you either he made a mistake or not.

  1. First of all loving to others or expecting love from him, start love yourself. You know what your negative is or positive in you. Appreciate yourself as a lady or as a human being and love yourself before you expect love from him. As you expect love from him same your partner also expect love from your side.
  2. Don’t excuses always for men and his bad behavior, but also don’t excuses for your own bad behavior. Try to make changes in your behave, take action and make your life as you deserve.
  3. Never agree on everything for the sake of love. You always think that there would be less trouble if I would be agreeable about everything about your man but it’s not good. It is just only you are giving up your all your feelings and self respect for love but it would not work. It is same for your man, don’t change your man.
  4. Good love stories always build slowly and greatest stories always took time to develop. So give time to grow your love as well as your relationship.
  5. If his action speaks more than words, then he doesn’t deserve you because he is showing love to you but after he abused you.
  6. If you think you can control a bad boy then it would your big mistake. You think your love has changed bad habits of your bad boys but it happens rarely.
  7. If your man is not treating as you deserve then you should leave or end the relationship.

These are the few tips and advice for you. A good understanding can live a good relationship together so try to avoid misunderstandings between you and your love. But my personal view is never living with that person whom never respects you and your love, either you are a man or a woman.

Have Fun!! Spread Love!!

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